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The struggle of gaining weight is as real as that of losing it. While everyone around is busy searching for products and exercises to help them lose weight, gaining weight is also a concern among many. Some individuals with lean and skinny physiques have a hard time trying to load up some mass onto their bodies. Mass gainer products are the ideal product for such people.

Mass Gainers are supplements with extra carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates help provide extra calories which in turn help in gaining weight. Mass gainers can be effective when taken alongside weight gain exercises and workouts.
Are weight gainers alone effective?
A short answer may be yes. However, no supplement alone does the deal. Weight gainer shakes are effective when taken alongside a balanced and nutritious diet. Best mass gainer price in Pakistan is available at NutroJenix
I am skinny. Should I start taking mass gainers?
Weight gainer supplements are not one-size-fits-all. It is best to consult an expert before taking supplements. In many cases, a person may need to take only whey proteins to gain muscle. In others, they may need mass gainers to gain overall weight. It all depends on their weight, BMI, and other statistics determined by an expert.
Which Mass gainers are the best?
MuscleTech, Optimum Nutrition, Inner Armour are some of the top leading brands that have a wide range of weight gainers.
When to start taking mass gainers?
Weight gainer shakes provide extra calories to those who want to gain weight. They can be taken when the regular diet is either not providing enough calories or is not nutritious enough to meet the daily protein and calorie requirements. Some people suffer from low appetites too and have a hard time eating much. Mass gainers are a good start-up for them as they provide more calories in a relatively small serving.
How can I tell which Weight Gainer is good or bad?
Mass gainers manufacturing revolves around the basic concept of adding extra calories to aid in weight gain. Low-quality products meet this calorie requirement by adding bulk carbs and unhealthy calories. Always check ingredients on the packing label to be sure that only healthy ingredients are added to the product. Shop Weight Gainer Shakes and Supplements in Pakistan from certified stores with positive reviews which stock only genuine products and brands.

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