GAT Sport Testrol Gold ES


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  • Great performance booster for men
  • Contains DIM for estrogen support
  • Contains the miraculous Shilajit mineral
  • Stimulates development of free testosterone
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About this Brand

GAT Sports is a highly target-oriented brand that focuses on the desired results and manufactures supplements that provide exactly that. The brand looks between and beyond just athletic performance: it targets the core bodily functions and elements to provide long-term benefit.

Their high-quality facility is equipped with the latest technology and certified with GMP to provide only quality. GAT Sports excels in nutrition supplements that greatly enhance performance when coupled with sports supplements.


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60 Tablets

Product Description

Product Description

Testosterone is a hormone produced primarily in men, and in small quantities in women. This hormone is essential for growth in men. Testosterone helps in muscle growth, mood and quality of life, and memory development. Testosterone supplements are a great way of increasing muscle mass and reducing fat among men. It also plays a vital role in maintaining bone mineral density and preventing osteoporosis in aged men. From a workout perspective, testosterone supplements boost muscle growth, strength, and their overall mood alleviating properties are a catalyst for active workout and training.

GAT Sports has come up with an effective formula that contains all the key ingredients for boosted performance in men. Testrol Gold ES contains the phenomenal shilajit mineral from the Himalayas, a component renowned in herbal medicine for multi-dimensional benefits in male health. Not only does it increase endurance and strength in men, but shilajit is also proved to increase bone density, boost testosterone levels and improve male immunity. In addition, the DIM creates an estrogen balance to prevent health risks associated with testosterone-estrogen imbalance such as increased belly fat and reduced brain function.

Directions for Use

Directions for Use

Take 2 tablets every day on an empty or lightly filled stomach. Continue Testrol Gold ES for 8 weeks and then quit the supplement for 2 weeks. Continue with this pattern.

Maintain a healthy diet and workout routine along with the supplement



  • Consult your physician before beginning a testosterone supplementation
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Suitable for men only
  • Only for men of 18 years or older
  • Do not use if you have any underlying medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, psychological disorders, etc.

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