Muscletech Mass Tech Xtreme 7lbs


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• Amazing 80 grams of protein
• 1010 calories per serving
• 156 grams of carbohydrates
• BCAAs for muscle support
• Exclusively for hard gainers

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About this Brand

Muscle Tech has been manufacturing quality fitness supplements for the past several decades. MuscleTech supports each of its product’s benefits and authenticity by research-backed results. Each of their product is meticulously researched upon and manufactured in GMP certified facilities. Mass Tech is also a research proven formula known to increase chest size in users as compared to control groups. These facts and figures add to the authenticity of Mass Tech and other supplements by Muscle Tech and makes the brand the first choice of aware and target-oriented customers.


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Product Description

Product Description

Mass Tech by Muscle Tech can conveniently be labelled as power in a package. The product undoubtedly has the most powerful composition to provide unprecedented weight and performance boost. Mass Tech has more proteins than any other product in the weight gainer category: a whopping 80 grams per serving. This means more amino acids for the body to help develop muscle mass. 7 grams of BCAAs re added to specifically target the muscles and repair and regrow muscles for a fuller and fitter look. Carbohydrates and calories are key agents in weight gain and provide energy for successful weightlifting and bodybuilding training regimen.
Muscle Tech Mass Tech’s ingredient profile clearly indicates its target to give a bigger and better body to its users without compromising on quality and safety. With Mass tech, bodybuilders can be confident of achieving their set target of sustainable weight and health.
Mass Tech is exclusively available at NutroJenix’s retail and online store. NutroJenix takes pride in its authentic products and those too in market competitive prices.

Directions for Use

Directions for Use

Add 5 scoops of Mass Tech to 16 oz. of cold water.
Milkshake: For a milkshake-like experience, replace water with milk and blend in a blender.
Mass Tech is thick in consistency which is why half a serving can be consumed 2 times daily. The ideal times to take Mass Tech are in the morning, between meals and after workouts.



• Read the label carefully for directions of use
• Read the label carefully before use to identify any possible allergens
• Keep out of reach of children
• Consult with a physician and training expert before using this product
• Do not use without a physician’s or gym expert’s recommendation

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