Muscletech Nitro Tech Whey Protein 2lbs


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• 24 grams of the purest protein
• BCAAs for rapid muscle recovery post-workout
• Top of the game for 20 years
• Fewer carbs and fats
• Free from gluten and additives

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About this Brand

MuscleTech is one of the most famous fitness brands of the world. With their cutting-the-edge technology and innovation in the field of sports nutrition, MuscleTech knows how to stay on top of the fitness game.


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Product Description

Product Description

Nitro Tech is yet another groundbreaker protein supplement by the famous MuscleTech. Developed after meticulous research, Nitro Tech Whey Gold is full of pure proteins in the form of peptides and isolates. The isolates provide purest protein free from carbs or lactose while peptides guarantee easy digestion and quick absorption due to their smaller structures. BCAAs play an important role in muscle recovery post-workout and boost your workout results.
The Nitro Tech Whey Gold is suitable for fitness enthusiasts from all lifestyles. From expert athletes to amateurs, to those who simply wish to stay fit, Nitro Tech’s formulation is best suited to all.

Directions for Use

Directions for Use

Add 1 scoop of Nitro Tech Whey Gold to 6 oz. of cold water Mix 1 scoop of nitro tech whey gold to 6 oz. Of cold water.
Milkshake: add 1 scoop of nitro tech whey gold to milk. Shake in a shaker or blend to enjoy a tasty power-packed shake.
Nitro tech can be taken at any time of the day: in the morning with breakfast, or after a meal. The best time to take nitro tech is half an jour before a workout and immediately after it for best performance and muscle recovery.



• Not for use by adults below 18 years of age
• Do not use during pregnancy or lactation
• Keep out of reach of children
• Consult a physician before beginning any fitness supplement
• See label before use to identify any possible allergens

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