Universal 100% Beef Amino


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  • Ultimate source of strength
  • Efficient muscle growth
  • 200 tablets
  • An ample source of protein
  • High-quality ingredients
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About this Brand

Universal quite synonymous with its name has its motto to provide products of the best quality to people all over the world. Their high-tech methods, paired with the material and ingredients of the highest quality render them the best in the industry with the most exceptional products to give to their customers. Their dedication to achieving the best of standards with their remarkable products and maintaining them is unparallel. Universal has a unique approach to its formulas and their ingredients. They take revolutionary and different routes to achieve their goals. Universal 100% Beef Amino is just one of the examples of their unique methods of making their products. With their remarkable methods and approach, they are one of their kind and only seem to stay that way.


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Product Description

Product Description

Proteins are necessary for the human body, especially the one engaged in taxing workouts that will increase the body’s demand for protein, while proteins are present in the normal diet, they are sufficient for a body regularly experiencing heavy workout regimes. Universal 100% beef amino consists of proteins in a broken-down form, the amino acids. This form makes the absorption of proteins much easier and quicker for the body which allows the muscles of the body to develop and grow. Universal 100% beef amino is in form of tablets rather than powder supplement form which makes the absorption of the amino acids. Tablets transfer the supplements to the body quickly and easily since the nutrients are very well compacted in tablet form. These tablets not only just help muscle grow but also give extra and increased strength to the body to keep up with the hectic workout routines so that the consumer’s body not only grows in strength but also efficiently develop and grow the muscles of the body as well. This product comes from the highest quality of beef protein isolates. The concoction of this product is simple ingredients, fats, and proteins. While proteins allow strength and muscle development, fats give the body energy to keep up with the workouts. The 100% Beef Amino by Universal is manufactured for those who crave the best proteins from best sources. Grab your bottle today only from NutroJenix

Direction of Use

Direction of Use

This product while extremely helpful is very potent and must be used with extreme care.

  • Only two tablets can be consumed per day.
  • These tablets can be consumed with water as well as any beverage that the consumer might deem fit for themselves



Following precautions must be taken with this product:

  • Only two tablets can be consumed per day.
  • These tablets are never to be consumed by children or the elderly.
  • These tablets are not for the consumption of pregnant women.
  • In case of any issues upon consumption, talk to your physicians.

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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by Majid

    Universal 100% Beef Amino helps alot to remain fit. i recently ordered it and feel a huge difference. I also used other company’s products but Nutrojenix has some special. !00% original and authentic. Highly recommended

  2. 02

    by Yasir Mansha

    Universal 100% Beef Amino is best product in amino category. It helps muscle growth. I recommend it and must purchase from Nutrojenix

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