Privacy Policy

NutroJenix is a retail outlet selling nutrition supplements and accessories. The brand operates via online shopping too through their website.


NutroJenix employs techniques to prevent unauthorized access to customer information. This information may include name, address, contact number and email address. Only information voluntarily provided by the customer is used for business purposes, such as giving updates on products or promotions and discount offers.


NutroJenix has appropriate security measures in place in its physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information collected from customers at site. NutroJenix is committed to protecting customer privacy. Any information collected from visitor’s side is for pure business enhancement and customer service, in order to achieve a great online shopping experience, and to help understand market even better.

Personal Information

NutroJenix only uses some information necessary for placing and processing orders. NutroJenix requires:

  • Contact information, such as name, physical address, telephone number, email address, and company.
  • Transactional information, such as information about the products requested, purchase or download.
  • Financial/credit card and payment information

NutroJenix uses user information only for the mentioned purposes:


Transaction for order placing require information such as name, address, contact number, email address, and company.

Processing Transactions

Credit/debit card information is required to process payments for online shopping. Users also have the option to opt out of this method by choosing to receive their order via cash-on-delivery method. Payment information is kept highly confidential at NutroJenix and is encrypted for maximum security.

Order Deliveries

NutroJenix provides user information to delivery partners for order dispatch and delivery. This information includes name, address and contact information. This information is secure with delivery partners too and is not misused in any possible way.

Support or Services

NutroJenix uses voluntarily provided information to update customers or visitors about latest updates, updates on placed orders and promotions. Personal information may be used for subscribing to newsletters, processing specific requests, registrations, or complementary services.

Cookies and URLs

For web-based experience information, NutroJenix may collect information about a visitor’s use through electronic communications protocols and cookies. The web communication system allows NutroJenix to automatically collect some information such as visitor’ origin, browser type, date, and time. Cookies embedded URLs and embedded pixels may be used to capture additional information.


A cookie is a chunk of data sent by a Web server to store on a Web browser so it is later read from that browser. Cookies on the Websites may collect unique identifier, user preferences, profile information and membership information. NutroJenix also uses cookies to collect general usage and volume statistical information. This information is not exclusive to the visitor or does not contain any confidential user information. Some cookies may remain on the user’s computer after they leave the Web site, and the majorities are set to expire within 365 days. Browsers provide information and control over cookies, and users have the option to accept or reject them. Users can disable the cookie feature without affecting their ability to use the site. In some cases, cookies are an essential security feature necessary for transaction completion.

Embedded URLs

Embedded URLs allow limited information to follow users while they navigate the site, but is not associated with personal information and is not used beyond the session. This information is valuable for understanding web patterns and helps in improving online experience.

Embedded Pixels

On the Web site, NutroJenix may use embedded pixel on selected pages to identify user visits. These technologies are used in emails to provide information on when the email was opened to track marketing campaign responsiveness.

Registration, Customization, Preferences And Opt-Out

NutroJenix allows users to establish an online registration profile for marketing communications. Users may use the profile to customize and control their preferences for receiving electronic information, including opting into (or out of) communities.

Opting Out

NutroJenix allows users to opt out of some or all email marketing through an unsubscribe link. A link to this will be available in marketing emails.


NutroJenix uses general web traffic information for its publicity and advertisement. However, none of this information consists of any individual’s personal information. Some ad banners may use the the embedded pixels which allows advertisers to determine how many people have clicked the website’s ad.

Policy Updates

Privacy policies are continuously updated to stay in line with recent trends and possibilities. NutroJenix informs its users when privacy policy has been updated. Any queries and suggestions in this respect are welcome. Reach out to us through our “Contact Us” section.

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