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Whey Protein

Whey Protein in Pakistan is the most widely consumed nutrition supplement. It is obtained as a byproduct during the cheese-making process. It has immense dietary importance because it contains all nine essential amino acids.

Whey proteins are a revolution in the fitness world because of their targeted action on muscle mass increase and numerous health benefits. They are perfect for people who wish to have a healthy physique but wish to lose weight in general. The basic protein makeup is beneficial for muscle repair too and prevents muscle damage during vigorous exercises such as weightlifting. It is available in powder form with a variety of flavors to provide taste and unmatched nutrition.

Various retail outlets in Pakistan stock Whey protein supplements. However, the best whey protein price in Pakistan is available only at NutroJenix. MuscleTech, Insane, Gold Standard, and Rule1 are some of the best Whey protein brands, all of which are exclusively available at NutroJenix.


Are Whey proteins natural products?

Yes. Whey proteins are 100% natural. Whey is the liquid left behind after milk curds are separated. It is simply a dried-up liquid. However, care must be taken when shopping for it as there can be many fake products being sold. Always shop from a trusted store selling certified products.

What is the ideal dosage of whey protein?

The amount of Whey proteins varies according to the workout routine, body weight, and the purpose for which it is being used. However, for bodybuilding, the usual dose of protein powder is one to two scoops every day, preferably after the workout.

Are our whey proteins only for weight loss?

Whey proteins are equally effective for both weight loss and weight gain. Since it is packed with all amino acids and low in carbs, it is the perfect choice for maintaining a healthy body without gaining weight. Nevertheless, for those who want to gain weight, It provides the essential amino acids that aid muscle growth and add to lean mass without adding unwanted fats to the body.

How to check for authenticity of whey protein?

The only sure way to guarantee the authenticity of purchased whey protein is to buy it from a certified store known to sell only certified products from international brands. NutroJenix is a trusted retail outlet for only certified products of workout supplements and accessories.

What types of whey proteins are available at NutroJenix?

NutroJenix has the top certified products of all Whey Protein in Pakistan for effective results. We have a wide range of isolates whey protein, whey protein concentrates to cater to individual athletic needs.

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